Visiting & Messages

Parents/guardians are always welcome to visit their student(s) during designated lunch breaks, but class time visits must be prearranged with the classroom teacher at least 24-hours in advance. No other visitors will be allowed during the school day.

Visitor Screening

For the safety of our students, we screen all visitors at the main office. Every visitor who enters our school will be asked to show a valid, government-issued ID.

For first time visitors, we use the Raptor Visitor Management System  to scan the ID (name, date of birth and photo) and check it against a national database of registered sex offenders. Once entry is approved, we will issue a visitor badge. Before leaving, visitors will also need to check out through our office. 

Visitors only need to scan their ID the first time they visit our school. A badge will not be necessary to drop off an item in the office, check in a student or pick up paperwork. 

Phone Messages

The office phones are available to students for illness or emergency-related reasons.

Classroom phones may be used with teacher permission.

Parents/guardians are welcome to leave phone messages with our front office staff for delivery to their student throughout the school day.