Daily Bulletin

Daily Bulletin for Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Track & Field Districts @ Olympic 3:15PM

Good morning Falcons!!  Bonjour! Buenos Días, Magandang umaga, chao buoi sang (chow boy saang),ua mae le taeao (oo-uh my le tah eh ah oh), Ohayōgozaimasu (Oh-Hi-Yo-Go-Za-e-Ma-Sue), today we add Hawaiian - aloha kakahiaka. 

The ASB window is open during lunch today! If you held your payment for sports or ASB activities, turn it in.

Club News: Today is Pathfinders & Fandom meet GSA & FACS start October 29th and Spanish Club starts October 30th. Students-if you want to participate in a club you need to make sure you have a ride home arranged before attending!

Attention 7th and 8th graders: Fairview Honor Society will hold its first monthly meeting on Monday, October 28th from 2:05 -2:45 in the cafeteria.  

Paperwork for all Winter One Sports is available at the ASB Window and due Today! Try outs begin Monday!

Falcons Start bringing in your change for our FMS Coin War for JM Research and Awareness! Class competition has begun! Have your coins ready at lunch and your Student Senators will be coming around to collect! The 6th Graders have taken the lead from the 8th graders and the 7th graders need some big donations to catch up! 

Spirit Week Begins on Monday Falcons! Show your spirit Monday by wearing pajamas! Tuesday is Beacher vs Biker Day, Wednesday we wear Pink to support awareness for breast cancer, Thursday you may wear Halloween Costumes without masks, no weapons or gore! Friday is Support Fall Sports day! Dress like a track athlete or a Fast Pitch player! Or you can wear your class colors!

Lunch: Turkey and Cheese Sandwich, Ham and Cheese Sandwich and Nachos!

You matter @ FMS!