Parent Involvement Plan

During the 2016-2017 school- year, the Fairview staff will work to support and enhance effective two-waycommunication between staff and parents. Planned communication events include:

  • Fall Open House and Family Night
  • Fall Conferences November 18-23
  • Spring Showcase / Title 1 Planning Meeting (TBD)
  • progress reports and report cards.

STEAM Nights

We are continuing three Family Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math nights. The dates for STEAM nights are January 24, February 28 and March 28rd. At STEAM nights, families will experience fun challenges while integrating science, technology, engineering, art and math in competitions.

Extra Help

Parents will have the opportunity to check out materials to enhance their student’s learning at home. Parents will be informed at conferences, or before, of their student’s need for interventions along with their student’s S.T.A.R. Enterprise test scores that is given three times a year.

Communication about placement in interventions will happen by letter or email prior to the student starting in an intervention group. Parents will also receive a postcard informing them if their student is a core study hall to receive extra help in areas they are struggling with. Parents are invited to ask questions and suggest other strategies that would further support student success throughout the year.

Sharing Your Feedback

All parents will be invited to attend a spring 2017 meeting at Fairview to give feedback on the 2016-2017 Parent Involvement Plan. The spring meeting will also be an opportunity for parents to give input for developing the 2017-2018 Compact, the Title I Program Plan, and the Parent Involvement Plan.

Student Progress

Communication of student progress is formally shared with parents at the end of each quarter. In addition, parents may access current progress via PowerSchool, email, or phone calls to their child’s teacher(s). However, parents are always welcome and encouraged to request additional meetings with teachers throughout the school year, as needed.

Parents can request a meeting or make a referral to the school’s Student Success Team (SST). SST meets to discuss concerns about individual students and to determine the most appropriate interventions. The team is comprised of the parent, School Psychologist, the principal and current classroom teachers. A child’s strengths, skills, and strategies are discussed at SST meetings in order to provide the best learning environment for the child.

The Fairview Middle School homepage has been redesigned to increase communication and make school information accessible. Staff email addresses with links to Moodle pages are available in addition to grade level links for math, Language Arts, Science and reading support. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to volunteer, communicate with staff, and participate in class activities.

Parents are an integral part of all we do at Fairview. We welcome them and invite their participation in the day-to-day operation of our school. Interpreters for limited English speaking and deaf or hard-of-hearing parents can be arranged as needed by contacting the school office. Our goal is to include parents in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of all of our school improvement efforts.
Following are a few of the available options to help students and parents navigate the academic system at Fairview Middle School.

  1. Daily Planner: Every teacher at Fairview writes their “target(s)” for the day on their board with daily assignments and future testing dates. Students are expected to write the information in their planner for reference at home.

  2. Extended Learning Program: Fairview offers an Extended Learning Program on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of every week (with the exception of Conference Week). After-School Tutoring is 2:10 – 3:00 in room 6. We have staff as well as volunteers to help students.

  3. Study Hall/Core Flex. Every day except Thursdays early release days, students have study hall and the opportunity to go to a specific class during this time to receive help from their teacher with a subject or assignment they may have questions or concerns about. New this year, students who have earned above-standard grades will have the opportunity to attend a Flex class during Study Hall which will have a variety of choices and activities. While, students performing below standard will have the opportunity to go to that core class and receive individual help, make up assignments and tests.

If parents have concerns about the Title I program, they are encouraged to talk with the principal. Title I Complaint Procedures are outlined in Chapter 392-168 of the Washington Administrative Code. This can be found at